The Harmonizer – Golden Ratio Ruler/Caliper

Harmonizer 01

Price: 40.00 USD

  • Harmonizer 02Measures the Golden Mean, aka The Golden Ratio and Phi (1:1.618)
  • Hand made of rose wood and brass fittings.
  • Harmonizer is the world’s first ever charge embedding golden ratio ruler/caliper. Ruler/Caliper’s own proportions (dimensions of legs and joints) are charge embedding (all based on golden ratio multiples of ‘sacred’ foot and also golden ratio multiples of Planck distance!, which is charge resonant and phase conjugate, which are explained first by John Michell’s and later by Dan Winter’s equations independently). For more details on golden ratio click here…
  • Golden Mean Calipers are used by artists, designers, architects, dentists, biology and art students, surgeons, and beauticians.

Price: 40.00 USD

We won’t be shipping any products between April 31th – March 8th.
Please contact us through the contact page to order.

Payment Options:
• Bank Transfer
• PayPal
• Bitcoin / Crypto currencies

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