The Harmonizer – Phi Ruler

The Harmonizer – Golden Ratio Ruler/Caliper

Donation: 46.00 USD

(Temporary offer: Add the second item of the same, add 30% discount.)

Update 2021 June: Third edition Harmonizers have recently arrived, ready for shipping. More durable, better joints (doesn’t get loose), stronger wood.

  • Measures the Golden Mean, aka The Golden Ratio and Phi (1:1.618)
  • Hand made of sapele wood (hardwood with better durability) with brass rivets.
  • Harmonizer is the world’s first ever charge embedding golden ratio ruler/caliper. Harmonizer’s own proportions (dimensions of legs and inner parts) are charge embedding, all based on golden ratio multiples of ‘sacred’ foot and also golden ratio multiples of Planck distance!, which is charge resonant and phase conjugate, which are explained first by John Michell’s and later by Dan Winter’s equations independently. The Harmonizer doesn’t only have the ratio, it also fits to the universal frequency cascade perfectly! All other golden ratio rulers had the ratio but not the scale. The Harmonizer has the ratio AND the scale (embed-able) together to allow a higher potential for capacitance! Further details on charge embed-ability  click here…
  • Golden Mean Calipers are used by artists, designers, architects, dentists, biology and art students, surgeons, and beauticians. Best measurements after 3 cm. Max reach 35.5 cm

Please contact to order.

Payment Options:
• PayPal
• Bitcoin / Crypto currencies

How to use the Harmonizer (video)

You can use the Harmonizer in many areas like sacred geometry modeling, architectural planning, art …etc. One of the places that we like using the Harmonizer at is measuring the sacred sites, ancient temples, churches, synagogues, mosques … Some examples below,

Golden ratio is fundamental to consciousness and perception among other aspects of reality. It is measured in brain waves (EKG) as well. We never think it’s a coincidence that most Renaissance artists display this Devine ratio in their artwork in connection with higher consciousness.

Beautiful sacred geometry drawings from @louiseevans.11 Don’t forget to check her Instagram account!

Here is a great tool to take your sacred geometry drawings to the next level where you can measure the sacred proportions in your artwork.

The Harmonizer measures the Golden Mean, aka The Golden Ratio and Phi (1:1.618)

Some pictures with the Harmonizer from around the world.

Dan Frojlund, Denmark

Hi Geometric
Today I received the harmonizers, and I am very impressed, great finish and function 🙂 Thank you very much..!
Have a wonderful day.

Trudie, The Netherlands

The harmonizer for my granddaughter arrived today. And she is very happy with it!
Kind regards, Trudie

Watch: Tufan Guven talks about the connection of divine ratio and temple science.

This interview is part of “The Sacred Blueprint For Our New Earth Interview Series” organized by The Living Locus, Aisha Melodie Hassan.
Sponsored by Geometric Models (Sacred Geometry educational tools and events)


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