Torus Donuts

Types Donation Picture
1. 7 color torus donut

: 160.00 USD

2. Golden mean spiral torus donut

: 140.00 USD

3. Multi-color torus donut

: 190.00 USD

4. Mobius strip : 14.00 USD

Please contact to order.

These torus donuts are all handmade in a meticulous long process. We are working on finding a different manufacturing process to be able to bring down the current cost of the donuts. Our current manufacturing process is a result of a 3 year R&D period.

More details:

All torus donuts are currently hand painted on fabric and are based on golden mean spiral trajectory. To learn more about the functions of toruses and golden mean spiral click here.


7 color torus donuts are based on rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo). All colors are arranged to touch each other in the right order. There is no 2 dimensional platform to allow 7 colors to touch each other. Torus geometry has a unique topology to allow 7 colors to touch each other if arranged accordingly.

All torus donuts have golden mean ratio spirals. However, the “golden mean spiral torus donut” focuses solely on the golden mean spiral and not on the colors and its arrangements. Spiral on a donut can be helpful to visualize angle into compression indexed by the 7 axis of tetra spin. Visualizing the donut in your brain and sending that smoke ring at that phase angle would be helpful for proper nesting (also used in Hebrew alphabet). More details…

It is also a very useful geometric model for kids to understand and visualize the nature of plasma domains and the flow of magnetic fields.

Update October 28, 2021:

New model torus donut
– Blue is in the town! –
Availability: one piece only!

Möbius strip is sometimes referred to as an “impossible shape’’. It exhibits interesting properties, such as having only one side and only one boundary curve as well as remaining in one piece when split down the middle.

Click for more details.

Please contact to order.

Payment Options:
• PayPal
• Bitcoin / Crypto currencies

We are very happy to sponsor Dan Winter’s torus donuts!

Our friend Lisa Morrissey (Baby Steps), founder of Health Optimizing Ireland, shared some pictures of the torus donut that she recently received at her clinic (Feb 2021). We are very happy that the clinic has found a new member in the form of a self sustaining plasma field, a multi color torus donut 🙂
BTW, Health Optimizing Ireland was nominated for the “Health Clinic of the Year, 2020/21”. Don’t forget to stop by if you are around Dublin. Health-Optimizing is a worldwide clinic, bringing the new technology-based health paradigm to you!
Their website is:

Our beautiful friend Cagla who is an art therapist loved her multicolor torus donut. Picture was taken in 2019.

Jain 108 Academy made a beautiful video exploring counter-rotating fields with torus donuts.

Jain 108 Academy offers courses about the Golden Ratio and how it is relevant to better understanding our world and our part in it

Picture from our friend Bobby from Australia.

Laetitia Kingsford, The Netherlands

Dear Geometric Models Team,
My Torus Donut has arrived in good shape. I am very happy with it and have already used it in my teachings. I have been waiting for a 3D model for 25 years because I have always remembered the feeling of moving the donut inside out as an important revelation. Gradually I began to realize the vast scale on which this energy movement could be applied. Thanks a lot for your creativity and effort,
Laetitia Kingsford

Lisa Morrissey, Health Optimizing Ireland

Thank you for this addition to our clinic. Our self sustaining plasma field is sending our happy vibes with its bright multi colours! We love our torus donut.


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