Navigating the Paradigm: Torus Plasma Domains

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Torus fields have always been engendered in the forms of plasma fields, clouds of charge, structures of photons and even in some elevated forms of DNA, alphabet, symbolism are just to name a few.

The majority of the scientists today agree that more than 99% of the universe is comprised of plasma which is a cloud of charge. Given all plasma domains travel in donuts they have a toroidal form like: a torus or a donut. Technically plasma is considered to be the fourth state of matter. Different than solids, liquids and gases, their atoms are divided into free-floating ‘negative’ electrons and ‘positive’ ions (an atom which has lost its electron/s). It is sometimes called an ionized gas. simple torus

The reason why plasma fields choose to manifest their self in this profound toroidal form is because they had to find a self sustaining, self organizing recursive geometry to optimize their survival energy.

torus plasma tubesEarth’s magnetic field, also known as the geomagnetic field, has a toroidal magnetic field extending from the Earth’s interior out into space. This magnetic field is not only a toroid, but it’s a twistor where toroidal fields are recursively created within each other and become scale invariant. In 2015, an Australian scientist, Cleo Loi, has discovered and proved that giant, invisible, moving plasma tubes fill the skies above Earth in a toroidal form right inside the bigger geomagnetic torus field around the Earth (animated picture next).

Copy Righted Picture - Geometric Models - Torus Field of the HeartTwistors or torus magnetic fields are also being emitted by the heart. Dan Winter, who is credited in the literature for inventing the word “heart coherence”, emphasizes that compassion is learned when emotional pictures inside our hearts become so ‘self similar’ (or ‘fractal’) that they become a fractal attractor sucking the outside in therefor creating attraction towards others who have similar emotions  in their hearts. This recursive turning inside out becomes the implosion which is the electrical rush associated with feeling, and the law of attraction. The electrical model of the heart’s increasingly harmonic inclusive fractality makes perfect compression, and makes perfect compassion as electrically identical. This gives new insight into why ‘the healthy heart is a fractal heart’.

electron-micrograph-of-toroidal-dnaFurthermore, the DNA helix can fold on to itself and forms what is called “higher order structures” like a toroid and acts as a transducer converting subtle energy into conventional electromagnetic energy. The toroidal shape of the DNA gives the function to act as an antenna and allows DNA to detect subtle energies in the environment.

gaussian surfacesThe torus geometry or the toroid is composed of two additional negative Gaussian surfaces, the pseudosphere and the catenoid. In physics, the catenoid was used to describe the function of transduction in wormholes for energy (higher dimensional) to influx into our 4D space/time with its unique topology.

Picture1It is fascinating that the DNA helix has the ability to fold on itself and form “higher order structures” like a toroid and act as an antenna to convert 5D energy into 4D energy. It is obvious that the catenoid holds some of the most intriguing functions in physics and key to transduction due to it’s topology and the specific path of charge flow on that topology -a.k.a. non-destructive charge collapse.

twistorGlen Rein, in his article “Biological Effects of Quantum Fields and Their Role in the Natural Healing Process, 1998“, explains the toroidal fields in relation to bio-fields, free energy devices and healing processes. In a nut shell, Rein used his experimental evidence as the basis for a model which introduces the concept of a bio-field composed of (at least 3) layers comprising force fields, potential fields and quantum fields embedded within one another (like a twistor). The model further proposes that healing information originates from a higher dimensional source and is transformed into biologically usable electromagnetic energy as it propagates through the layers of the bio-field.

I think that if we understand the two negative Gaussian surfaces, the pseudosphere and the catenoid, that make up a toroid, we will better understand the mechanics behind why potential fields may be considered as a bridge between the “higher order” quantum fields and the more familiar classical EM fields that make up the layers of bio-field.

Glen also demonstrated that quantum fields can be generated by self canceling coils with unique winding geometries on a toroidal form (caduceus, mobius, bifilar windings) and these coils were used to demonstrate that quantum fields inhibit neurotransmitter uptake into nerve cells, stimulate the growth of human lymphocytes (white blood cells) and alter the absorption of UV light of water treated with quantum fields.

oneteslats_drsstc_tesla_coil_closeupIn the beginning of the 20th century, Tesla first developed and applied self-cancelling coils and demonstrated that such a coil could transmit energy over long distances without losses (Tesla, 1904) -not very good news for JP Morgan. After this, many scientists have developed breakthrough technologies like toroidal EM field generator technologies which have the potential to substitute the need for petro chemical resources. Unfortunately, almost all of them have been suppressed heavily in the past century.

It is very instructive to understand the catenoid to explain some of the mysteries of water when it comes to changing qualities in certain conditions. This subject brings us to a dream portrayed by the famous Viktor Schauberger, a hero of implosion science and a pioneer in the quantum physical study of Nature’s subtle energies. Schauberger successfully demonstrated how to purify water naturally and harnessed its colossal power by developing powerful machines based on implosion technology with phase conjugate geometry. Basically, he was generating electric power from his piezo mineral doped water vortex at the point where it spontaneously got colder (a clue to cold plasma…). While reminding the vortex being a catenoid form with the function of transduction of higher states of energy it is very rewarding to think of the implosion water technology as means of altering qualities through the centripetal negentropic charge implosion.

The Nazis did their homework by studying the flying Vimanas from the Vedic tradition and created what is known to be the “Nazi Bell”. Nazi engineers figured out that if a high inertial fluid was pumped in an accurate golden spiral trajectory around a torus donut, levitation was produced. Dan Winter explains that this form of accurate translation of vorticity based on golden spiral, translates rotational inertia to linear (lift) which is to say that the golden mean spiral is the optimum geometry to move inertia from a line to a circle.

Dan Winter further elaborates in his book “Fractal Conjugate Space & Time: Cause of Negentropy, Gravity and Perception”:

grailhart“Since only golden ratio allows recursive wave interference to fit the (conjugating) nest, (adding AND multiplying, arithmetic and geometric progression), THEREFORE only golden ratio allows recursive interference to be constructive interference, the REASON golden ratio phase conjugation turns charge compression, into constructive interference, into – charge acceleration toward center (gravity).

dodecvrtxsidewysFurther, the most essential point, in the golden spiral recursive charge interference, IS – that not only do the wave lengths and frequencies add and multiply recursively constructively, BUT also the wave PHASE VELOCITIES add and multiply constructively. The result is that a portion of the charge interference experiences ACCELERATION of charge – (toward center), produced because the geometry of compression was perfected (golden ratio phase conjugate). THAT acceleration of charge toward center caused of golden ratio phase conjugation is – we strongly hypothesize – the single cause of gravity.”

Dan has successfully applied the science (mentioned above) of negentropic, implosive, bioactive force fields into commercial products on health, agriculture, architecture and many other areas. He scientifically proved, by multiple measurement techniques, that his applications to be successfully creating enhanced bioactive fields for a bigger aura (immune system, spiritual hygiene …etc).

Having a bigger aura is having a bigger plasma field, a charge field, literally a torus/donut when you travel in your dream and after death. A living charge field like your aura, your brain field (optical cortex hologram) travels as a torus, a plasma/charge donut. This is the important physics behind the origin of sacred alphabets (navigating the plasma field).

Originally, the golden spiral wrapped torus symmetry indexing field effect created the ‘sacred alphabets’ demonstrably Hebrew, Sanskrit, and probably Cyrilic and more (Dan Winter originally did the math – with animations: Phase conjugation in the brain is the critical threshold as Bill Tiller measured focused human attention creates charge fields to compress. In addition to the holographic quality of the brain (Pribram and others surmised), the optical cortex is a hologram which becomes centripetal and negentropic when field effect domain donut symmetries learn to conjugate phases, Dan explains. This creates perception by golden ratio conjugation in EEG ( and the domain donuts you visualize implode when their symmetry sequence conjugates (origin of Hebrew and Sanskrit etc alphabets).

In simple terms, in Hebrew alphabet we have spiral on a donut, angle into compression , indexed by the spin of the tetrahedron (7 axis tetra cube perspective from the Hebrew ‘crownlets or tagin’). Focusing on a Hebrew letter in your brain, will cause the plasma donuts which is your optical cortex to be tilted to that phase angle. You blow that donut in your brain and send that smoke ring at that phase angle (that vortex) and nest them properly.

The first word of the Bible BRAESHITH which was translated in physics, as ‘at first in principle – origin of thing-ness’ by Fabre D’olivet (Hebraic Tongue Restored)- was simply the sequence of shadows necessary to turn inside out on the surface of a TORUS (advanced alchemy of manifestation). Training the mind to focus on the shadows of the golden spiral on a torus donut which is the spiral flame letter in the correct sequence of donut angles is instructive in manifestation out of light in addition to steering your aura (lucid dreaming… etc). Consider also climate steering/ planet wave nesting, hypercubic, Ophanim Enochian ritual sequences at

I think, we can easily define that alchemy is another name for the science of growing a bigger aura (a cloud of plasma on a smaller scale). In the context of sacred alphabets, inertial flow in an accurate spiral, following a toroidal geometry, actually creates propulsive impulse (gravity making) and I agree with Dan that this is part of the profound physics of what the alphabets represent.


ground planPrague was once considered to be the “Center of Alchemy” in Europe where almost all the alchemists between the 14th and 17th century spent some time in. 3 years ago, I was lucky enough to visit the “Star Royal Summer Palace” (Hvezda) which was a philosophers retreat with its architecture influenced from astrology, symbolism and alchemical principles from the era. It was the first time that I had ever heard of a Palace embedded on a giant torus! Star Summer Palace is not only well planned to be on magnetic crossings, but it’s plan is also constructed to focus/embed the energy lines to its center, at the center of its attention which is to say perfect nesting/embedding within the TORUS!

We have already seen above that the center of the torus, the catenoid, is where you convert the subtle energy into conventional EM energy OR extract energy from 5D to 4D as seen in the higher forms of the DNA, OR in the case of Nazi Bell technology create levitation with a high inertial fluid pumped in an accurate golden spiral trajectory around a torus.

star summer palaceWhat I believe and strongly experienced myself is that the Palace was designed for a specific reason which is PERFECT COMPRESSION (thus perfect distribution)! What perfected it so well (made it so successful and perfect in its phase conjugate, charge implosive quality) is it’s design/layout as well as its choice of materials and intelligence in using the necessary alchemical wisdom in building the Palace. I call this the ALCHEMICAL MARRIAGE IN ARCHITECTURE! We will be visiting the Star Summer Palace on the “Esoteric Prague 2019” event starting on the 31st of May, 2019. You can join us in this trip to the heart of alchemy in Bohemia! Click here for the event details… or visit

dnatoroidDan has shown that the exact phase angles of the toroidal photon tilt (which make up the frequency differences between the primary colors) are all exactly cube and dodeca. When the symmetry of photons (photons travel in torus donuts – picture next) become the tilt angles of dodeca than the wave lengths are arranged by this implosive phase difference making up the 7 colors of the rainbow which are the different angles of 3D photon donut propagation (

20180802_124904This was one of the motivational factors behind the production of the 7 color torus donuts. After a long development process with different paints, materials and techniques, we have now found a much better way of sustaining the useful lifespan of the product (after 3 years of R&D). You can buy these handmade toruses, with golden mean spiral trajectories, now. Simply click here to get one…

What fascinates me is that we can talk about seemingly many different subjects like phase angles of the toroidal photon tilt or higher states of DNA forms or the golden spiral wrapped torus symmetry (Hebrew alphabet) or Schauberger’s dream (Implosion) and many more things which seem to be apart from one another but actually they all boil down to growing a bigger aura. The plasma domains, the function and the geometry of toroidal fields that we have discussed so far is very instructive in understanding how to steer the plasma field which is your aura (the toroidal donut).

Spiritual hygiene, having a bigger aura or living in a bioactive field all depends on the quality of the fractality of the space that we live in. Once we agree on what is sustainable and shareable in all wave systems which is another definition of perfect compression solved, than we can consider rearranging our priorities based on a very simple and revolutionary fractal field science which we have been teaching in the Fractal University curriculum for free (

There is basically no end to fractal attributions to consciousness from mystical and esoteric traditions to the modern revelations. Modern science is slowly but surely catching up with the understanding of fractal awareness and consciousness. A study done in 2017 discussed how consciousness in the universe is scale invariant and implies an event horizon of the human brain where the scale invariant nature of consciousness was examined to have toroidal geometry to model consciousness at all fractal levels of the cosmos and implied a holographic workspace within the brain, a “brain event horizon”, as it nests perfectly in the human cognitive system.

Even though one cannot cover such broad topics extensively in one short article like this, I would still like to emphasize that fractal fields, science of implosion and plasma domains constitute the foundation of all aspects of reality that we experience. The purpose of this article is to create an awareness and initiate a propulsive impulse to establish new neural pathways between your neurons i.e. super-clusters.

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  1. Dan also speaks about nesting the Hebrew letters in the order of the platonic solids so how would one go about doing this to create matter out of light simular to the sefer yetzirah he nerver explains in detail how to do such a thing


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