Testimonials are a powerful tool that builds our portfolio internationally, helps us develop our items/ideas, and enhances our confidence in the aim of our mission.
While we are celebrating of Geometric Models fourth year we hope the few testimonials we chose will help you increase your trust in our brand and offer you comfort when selecting our tools.

Our Best Regards,
Geometric Models Team

Laetitia Kingsford, The Netherlands

Dear Geometric Models Team,
My Torus Donut has arrived in good shape. I am very happy with it and have already used it in my teachings. I have been waiting for a 3D model for 25 years because I have always remembered the feeling of moving the donut inside out as an important revelation. Gradually I began to realize the vast scale on which this energy movement could be applied. Thanks a lot for your creativity and effort,
Laetitia Kingsford

Dison Designs, USA

Hello Geometric Models Team, I received my package (gourd lamp) today, I am beyond thrilled! Thank you so much!

Lisa Morrissey, Health Optimizing Ireland

Thank you for this addition to our clinic. Our self sustaining plasma field is sending our happy vibes with its bright multi colours! We love our torus donut.

Dan Frojlund, Denmark

Hi Geometric
Today I received the harmonizers, and I am very impressed, great finish and function 🙂 Thank you very much..!
Have a wonderful day.

Trudie, The Netherlands

The harmonizer for my granddaughter arrived today. And she is very happy with it!
Kind regards, Trudie

Jain, Australia

Thanks, the box of 3 tori (plural of torus) arrived and I was so excited to open them and feel their beauty. They roll exceptionally smoothly, the previous ones from USA (not Geometric Models) were a bit tight, and the colours here are exquisite.