Sacred Geometry Poster

A1: 75.00 USD
A3: 65.00 USD
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Available sizes:
A1: 23 x 33 inches (60 x 84 cm)
A3: 12 x 17 inches (30 x 42 cm)

No watermark on the original poster. “Key” on the right side!

Starts shipping September 21, 2021. Limited with availability.

Special thanks to: Dan Winter, Steve Bass, Darlane.

Hi-res samples of the poster below.

Paper Quality: GardaPat 13 BIANKA

Garda 2 side coated woodfree paper, warm natural shade, with a matt surface and high bulk (volume 1.3).

Thanks to advanced technology, it is able to combine high thickness (volume 1.3, 40% higher than any other traditional matt paper at the same substance) with a velvet surface.

The pulp is bleached using an Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) process – Acid free. Age resistant. Environmental friendly. Recyclable paper. Paper produced in Italy.

Please contact to order.

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What is the story of this poster?

There are so many perspectives to look at this poster. Everyone can have their own method of seeing this completion. We will tell you our story and our starting point while creating this artwork.

We started with two dominant perspectives to define this artwork. One is a top down view and the other is a bottom up view.

As above, so below.
-The Kybalion

From a top down view the whole poster is embedded in sacred proportions, the golden ratio. While the whole universe is in harmony with its fractal, scale invariant, self organizing nature why not create our poster with the same understanding of harmony? The best way to explain harmony in mathematics is through golden ratio; phi (1.618…), with its unique function of containing both the geometric and arithmetic function simultaneously, thus it is the only ratio that allows constructive wave interference as Dan Winter has proven.

In the light of innumerable scientific references between modern physics and golden ratio, we would like to stick with the oldest reference in written history for the time being. The “Tablet of Shamash”, Sumerian tablet of the Sun God, not only displays the ‘first in history’ sacred proportions, the golden ratio, it also fits perfectly into the “universal frequency cascade” which was formulated by Dan Winter. As Tufan Guven discovered the containment of the universal frequency cascade in the Tablet of Shamash, he also acted as the lead advisor in the creation of the sacred geometry poster.

Tufan intuitively designed the poster and its sacred proportions inside the A1 size to fit the universal frequency cascade being inspired by the Sumerian Tablet of Shamash.

Sumerian Tablet of Shamash dimensions: Planck length x Golden Ratio^163 and 164
Sacred geometry poster proportional division dimensions (A1): Planck length x Golden Ratio^161, 162, 163, 164, 165 and 166.

This may be way too much scientific information for a sacred geometry poster. To make it simpler, the proportions don’t get better than this! It does not only have the ratio (phi), it also fits to the universal frequency cascade which is charge embedding!

Our bottom up view starts with a “Fibonacci Spiral” at the center of the poster as one of the primary mathematical functions of nature.

Moving forward (with the hidden spiral!), the rest is a progression of understandings of some of the fundamental principles all related to sacred geometry.

  • First box after the Fibonacci spiral (starting from the center going outwards): Mathematics of LOVE (lo-phi) in sacred geometry
  • Second box: Physics of waves in sacred geometry
  • Third box: Sacred proportions in DNA
  • Fourth box: Circular expressions of sacred geometry fused with the corners makes Yin & Yang.
  • Fifth box: Climax form of platonic solid progressions together with some of the related extensions.

There are so many other geometries that we could have included in the poster but we wanted to keep it simple and tidy. “Key” on the right side of the poster will help anyone who likes to spend some time contemplating among the geometries. While the whole poster is embedded with opportunities for personal discoveries, selected quotes in each section are charged to enhance the observers consciousness. We hope you enjoy it!

For the love of geometry,